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A New Wrinkle in the U.S. Branch Versus Subsidiary Discussion

June 13, 2018
By removing Internal Revenue Code Section 958(b)(4), the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act requires "downward attribution" for the purpose of determining Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFC) status. Our clients are challenged with evaluating their structures to determine the impact of this revised attribution rule, and in this edition of the Tax Minute we discuss why.
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The Future of Banking

June 11, 2018
We are several years into what Joseph Schumpeter would call a process of “creative destruction” in the banking sector. Yet only now is the outcome becoming clear. The major banks are seeing competitive forces “unbundle” their business models along product and functional lines.

Pharma Marketing: You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

June 6, 2018
The pharmaceutical industry knows it has to re-shape its marketing to meet changing customer needs, increasingly restricted access to prescribers and growing financial pressures. The traditional model doesn’t fly anymore. Pharma marketing needs to move from managing a sales force to delivering a multi-dimensional, integrated communications plan.